April 28, 2009

Come and See!

Welcome to the Quiet Revolution! A few of my closest friends who know me well understood what I meant when I first coined this term without requiring an explanation. The "quiet revolution" can be understood as many different things, but it encompasses our call to be Christ-like. The 'quiet' part reflects the call to prayer, to be silent, to get away from the noise of the passions and the world, to love our fellow human beings, and most importantly, to allow the presence of God to fill us. It is a 'revolution' because it is something novel to the world, something unheard of, something completely and diametrically opposed to the norms of the ways of the world. The icon to the right is of Christ washing the feet of His disciples. I chose to include it here because it is an example of one of multitudes of Christ's revolutionary deeds, and because I like it. :) The goal of this blog is to further expand on this theme of quiet revolution. I hope to share my thoughts about various topics and to engage in fruitful discussions with all of you. I hope this blog provides a witness that it is very real and possible to be a quiet revolutionary in our modern times.

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