June 26, 2009

Clarification for Last Post

Yes, we can....change, that is.
And by 'change', I mean μετάνοια (metanoia), Greek for 'repentance'. The real meaning of the word metanoia is to change one's mind (meta-change, -noia=from 'nous' or mind). Changing our mind doesn't only mean a theoretical transformation alone, but the practical execution of that inner change of mind into a new, changed behavior. More specifically, metanoia is a change in thinking and behaving that brings a person out of sin and closer to God.
Since the last post, I noticed many comments on this blog as well as on Facebook, most of them negative and reactionary. I'd like to first respectfully ask all to please re-read the post carefully. You will see no condemnation or casting out of any persons, whether they be of the "LGBT" community or not. In fact, and I will repeat, as Orthodox Christians, we are called to LOVE ALL PEOPLE, simply because we are all made in the image of God. And, as mentioned at the end of the last post, to love others means to tell them the truth about what is beneficial for their salvation. By not recognizing sin and covering it up by accusations of discrimination or by unproven scientific theories, we are being dishonest, hindering repentance, and therefore, preventing people from coming into communion with God.
The will of God for us is our salvation, or our communion with Him. The way in which the will of God is revealed to us is through His Church, which also provides the ways and means of achieving this ultimate re-union with God. No, I am not a theologian, however, I am an Orthodox Christian, and I am simply witnessing to the Truth. My authority is Christ, and so, if one disagrees with the content presented here, please contact Him directly.
Homosexuality is a sin like other sins that all people struggle with and fall to, it bears no more weight than other sins such as heterosexual fornication or adultury, or even murder, or theft, or lying. The main point here is that we must be able to identify sin, to directly see it as such in our own lives, and to begin a repentant process of moving back toward God, away from sin. If we neglect to identify sin in the first place because our modern society and leaders are telling us to, then we will remain in it, thinking we are 'a-ok'. But God has precisely told us (see Romans 1:26-32 and I Corinthians 6:9-11) and continues to tell us exactly what sin is, and He has provided for us the Church to help us fight it and be victorious over it. It is only up to us to choose.
I hope this clarified the earlier post. We must never judge or condemn or cast out any fellow human being regardless of their sins, whether they be homosexual sins or those of deplorable scientific reasoning, but it is vital that we be honest in our recognition of what sin is and to help others in their struggles with it. The icon above shows the Transfiguration of Our Lord. Please see this link to a much more in-depth and spiritually enlightening article on this subject.


  1. Bravo Demetra!
    I actually tried to post a comment last week on the article referenced here.
    to all who read the article and posted comments, I have to say that when I read the article I did not find anything condemming, but I saw love.
    Love is truth & honesty,and can be nothing less or different than what it is, else it would not be love.
    The Orthodox Church was established by Christ through the Holy Spirit and the Apostles for the purpose of bringing all mankind to spiritual health and into communion with God, the ultimate of UNION.
    All sin is sin, no matter what it is. We are ALL in desperate need of Christ to bring us to full health. I stand first in line.
    This doesn't mean that individuals don't have their "opinions" on matters, infact all people have their own opinions about all sorts of things that they consider to be less than acceptable. This too is a sin and needs to be dealt with. Pride being the key here and the mother of most of the sins.
    In saying this let me also admit that there are things that are difficult for my small mind to understand,I am far away from having that perfect love of Christ, while I pray for God to help me with this. I know that it is possible through Christ if I am willing to relinquish my pride and my own will and let Christ live in me as He desires. But this is the way of the cross, it is work and struggle.
    Sometimes it's just easier not to do the work and bear the struggle, but for those who do, victory will be theirs in the end and nothing is over until it's over and Christ determines the end. A physician can only help a person who comes to him and gives all the symptoms of the illness and then the patient in turn has to follow the prescribed method of healing. Some illnesses take a lifetime to remedy but as long as one is on the road to recovery, Christ grants love and mercy. If one decides not to seek help, no remedy will be found or put to use, they have made their choice and are left to their own devices.
    God does not force anyone He simply offers and desires for all to choose Him above the world.
    He gave us His Con who gave us the Church (hospital), it's up to each and every one of us to enter and try hard not to condemn others or look down on them, we all have our bag of sins to dump. All are sin and separate us from God.May God help us all towards metanoia, mercy, love and forgiveness.

  2. correction of typo by anonymous, the word "Son" was intended here, towards the end of the comment. forgive my typo. God forgive me.